Don’t apologize to your mother about being an individual! If your boss tells you to take the shirt off, tell him, to take HIS SHIRT OFF!*

*don’t actually do that…

I’ve designed some super trippy fresh funky T-shirts for you guys! I also strangled the printing company until they gave me the shirts at a super cheap price.

Sure I’m in prison now, but who cares? I’ll get out eventually. I can handle myself, I have made friends with a small man called Tuco. He may be small but he has some crazy look in his eyes that strangely makes me feel safe…. All I know is that you guys now have the ability to get super freaking sweet shirts for an awesome price.

Check out the T-shirts below. Click on them for the jail worthy prices.

See below for an extra 15% off code!

What do you think of these Tees? Which one is your favorite?!

These shirts are now available through the ADAMHOEK store.

When buying, use the code ‘wordans2010‘ for an extra 15% off!

Ok guys, I gotta go. It’s shower time…wish me luck! …dont drop the soap…dont drop the soap…

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  1. admin

    I’m glad you like it! dont forget the code ‘wordans2010’ for 15% off. I dont know how long that code will last!

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