Recently I had the honour to play a show with COPPERSKY. I thought they were so good, that I want to share them with you guys! Below are a few questions I asked them, along with some video and pictures…. In fact why don’t you let the video play whilst you read the article! What an experience that would be for your senses!

First up…What’s up?

A lot, we’re writing songs, recording demo’s, planning an EP, thinking about stage performance, too much to jot down in a few sentences. Oh almost forgot: we’re having fun!

What genre would you say you guys are?

We’re still finding out really. We know and feel what we are playing but putting it into words is pretty hard still as a new band. I would say that we play indie-rock even though that is way too broad. I think people can party to our music but there are also some intense melodramatic moments too haha!

Where did the name Coppersky come from?


There was a phrase in a song and suddenly while singing it (i wasn;t happy with the entire set of lyrics and subsequently tossed them away later) i thought it would be a really cool bandname. Everyone agreed. I think the name captures a mood more than it has a certain meaning. It’s visual if you think about it. Aside from that copper isn;t gold or silver, it’s a commonly used in a sorts of ways and it has something earthy about. Earth meets sky so to say.

How long have you been playing together?

Coppersky has been in business for less than a year now.

Do you try to bring a certain message across with your songs?

Yes but not one single message. Song topics range from the disappearances in South America under cruel regimes a couple of decades ago to a semi-autobiographical song about splitting up as a band to a song exploring a third way beyond violent revolution and doing nothing. So there are personal songs and some political/historical songs lyrics.

Are your songs based on experiences?

Yes. The aforementioned song about a band splitting up. Sometimes there is a sentence in a song that is personal like in Hero. I sing “Where did you go, when the most was at stake you left hero” in the chorus and that was actually from a time when i felt i had really left a friend of mine hanging dry. In the end the lyrics went in a totally different direction but maintained those words.

Who writes the songs and how does he write them?


Marty and Robert (Guitar and bass) come up with an idea. Usually a chorus and verse and some loose bits that we can use for other parts. Then we get together and jam. Everyone has a say about the shape of the song so in a way all songs are a collaborative effort. Marty and Robert are not dictators when it comes to their ideas. They present them plus there ideas and we add our own ideas. I try and sing some to get a melody and usually i
write lyrics later once the song has crystalized some more.

Do you have any exciting projects coming up?

Well we’re going to be recording a demo with a friend of ours and he is going to use it as his final project for his audio-engineer course so that’s pretty sweet. We’ll keep you posted once we have a facebook, twitter myspace and the whole shoolapallooza. We do have an email adress: and we have a twitter account too: @copperskymusic  but you can add us if you want to. We’ll get active somewhere in the fall I think.

What’s your favorite icecream flavor?

Hard to choose. Melon, banana, strawberry. Just plain vanilla is the best sometimes. That sounds cool: “just plain vanilla” maybe that sums up our music haha!


4 thoughts on “Coppersky Interview with ADAMHOEK

  1. Harrold

    where are these guys from? Are they dutch? I like their sound. I just wish they had a website so i could check them out!


      Yeah, they havent gone ‘live’ yet. so this is really a sneak peak of whats to come I guess. but their twitter is @copperskymusic You can go add them.
      Also If you jump on my mailing list I will announce when they go live…If they have the courtesy to tell me 😀 you get free music downloads in there as well. so go check it out!

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