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Adam Hoek is an Australian singer/song writer. Who lives a pretty strange life. Let me lay it out for you a little.

Since his birth back in the big hair time of the 80’s he has fluctuated between 2 extreme sides of the earth. Australia and it’s literal polar opposite the Netherlands. This guy has no home, He isn’t familiar enough with Melbourne streets to be called an Australian and his Dutch accent is too strange for him to be called Dutch. So he lives in this weird international limbo where friends and family constantly oscillate between being present and being very very far away. Maybe that is why he plays so much music. The international language.

He has been in choirs, punk rock bands, alternative bands but right now, he is a singer/songwriter. A singer/songwriter with his own special flavor of funk, jazz, folk and pop. I even heard him rap once….he needs to work on that.

Back in his university years he won a sweet bundle of cash on Deal or No Deal and with it he began his music career. He bought; an amp, a guitar, one of those sweet 50’s mics and a bag of candy. With all that, he started building an empire.

In 2012 he was a contestant on “The Voice of Australia” but sadly lost out in the battle rounds. He currently lives in The Netherlands with his wife, where he continues to make music and write About pages on his own website in 3rd person as if he was someone else. That’s the life as an indie musician, you gotta learn how to do a little bit of everything.

2014 was his biggest year in terms of creativity. He decided to make 52 music videos by himself (coz that is all he had) on a next to nothing budget (his winnings had dried up by then). He did it to inspire YOUR creativity. It doesn’t matter if you are a nobody with no money as long as you have passion and creativity you can make crazy things happen! Seriously! Look —> Adam Hoek’s 52

What is your big project? What excites you? Tell Adam in the form below and let him get excited with you! He loves nothing more than hearing that you have been inspired to do something BIG. 

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