A while back, I interviewed Coppersky.
I saw them play live and really digged their sound.
Well it turns out I’m not the only one! Recently they have been featured on 3FM(a dutch radio station) as Serious Talent. I’m pretty excited for them. I had a chat with them about it and they have been booking a lot of gigs. Recently they played at FlevoFestival which was pretty sweet! Tonight they are playing at Flevover in amsterdam at dwazeZaken around 21:10 (9pm)
I will be going and should be around there at 5:30pm. Feel free to come by and have a listen! Lynn is the first group at 6pm.

Anyway, to celebrate coppersky getting big I decided to finally record that cover that I promised them a while back.
check it out below.

Coppersky Camino Cover by ADAMHOEK by ADAMHOEK
Make sure to visit coppersky.nl and tell them they are awesome!

See you all tonight at DwazeZaken!

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