You may have noticed in the above menu that there is a new Redeem section.

What is it? Well, that’s where you go when you get a download code from me! you put in the code, and download a song. Its that easy.
how how do you get one of these said codes? Well, you cant yet… because I’m still designing the cards that the codes will be on.
This means, at my shows, you will be able to buy single songs instead of needing to buy an entire CD! pretty neat huh?

Usually I would only let my members see this stuff… but I thought it would be fun to open it up to the public so you guys can have some input too.
So have a look below and tell me what you think.
which card would you like to have? tell me in the comments below!
your options

5 thoughts on “Download Card Ideas

  1. Paul

    I like the one with your face on it and the one with the backside of the playcard.

    And thanks for another great download!! 🙂

  2. wilsnetselaar

    the middle one looks realy great,loved your song last saterday,love Wil

  3. Phil

    I’d say the one with your face is the best one. Fits nicely with the rest of your cards and site etc.

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