Hey guys,

ADAMHOEK will be playing at Strawberry Lounge, Nieuwe Brink 14, Bussum on Friday the 2nd of July at 3:30 pm (see map below). It will be a 1 hour set with guitar and singing. You really have to come down and grab a bagel. It has a really nice atmosphere. Kind of like the Cafe from FRIENDS.

My favorite bagel so far is the hot tuna bagel. What’s yourfavourite bagel? Have you even had a bagel before?

Because it’s going to be an awesome gig I want to celebrate by having a…


The first person to come up to me and tell me the secret code will receive a free CD ‘ EPH 5:19 and another secret prize! It’s gonna be awesome!

So whats the secret code? I will reveal it in my newsletter on Thursday the 1st of July.

To sign up to the newsletter all you have to do is fill in the form in the side bar (also people who sign up get 2 free mp3s!…good ones too!)

See you all at Strawberry Lounge Friday 2nd of July at 3:30!

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One thought on “Eat here AND take away at Strawberry Lounge

  1. wil

    have A nice gig Adam, I am in Arnhem .,but have a lot of fun at the lounge!

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