David can grow a beard faster than a wild stallion. For this..I gave him a free CD.

What an awesome show my friend Dieuwke put together! We played a great 30 min set and so did other bands.

So many awesome bands were there Coppersky and Eva Ellingsworth to name a few.
The Concert was raising funds for a mission trip to Russia. All up we raised 1000 euro!
A cut of the CDs sold that night went towards the Russian mission trip.
Also for the gig I set up a discount code for

60% off our Nectar album
If you want some of that discount action write in ‘russia‘ when you purchase it from thestore
That a savings of 6 euro!

Be quick about it though, because this promotion ends Friday the 25th. I will be giving away goodies in the future to audience people so make sure to check out our next show! You can jump on the mailing list(in the side bar) to stay up to date.

Iv’e never played with such awesome bands before. The atmosphere was friendly and relaxed. very cool.
Seriously great night. To top it off…. I gave away a copy of my soloEP called EPH 5:19 to a lovely guy called David who can grow a beard faster than a wild stallion.
Double click the video to view it larger

Have you been to Russia before or been on a mission trip? I want to hear about it ok!? Tell me below in the comments.

2 thoughts on “ADAMHOEK plays Crayons at Zolder 50 Amsterdam

  1. Jos

    Hi adam, I have not been to Russi and I don’t drink Vodka. But I played basketball with a russian guy once. Does that count for anything?

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