Hey Guys..
I know its been pretty quiet around here lately, things have been super busy! I’ve been working on this next project among other things. But it is finally ready for release! Scroll down to hear how you can get your hands on 30+ free tracks!

The project is titled ‘The Creation of Adam’.

It is a 10 chapter video series that is available on DVD and CD which explores some of my best songs. I talk about why they were written and explain how they all tie together to tell the story of my life!

I will be releasing 1 chapter at a time on youtube for those that simply can not afford to pay for it.
The only way you can get the rest of the chapters is by signing up below! and OH BOY do you get tonnes of free stuff!

Now I know there are a bunch of you out there that would love to give back to me and I would be really greatful if you bought the CD. What is great about the CD is that it has 20 tracks and is downloadable right now for the price of…$5AUD! 5 measily Australian dollars for over an hours worth of entertainment is pretty freaking good I think. So if you would like to support me and my future projects…

Please check it out here: http://adamhoek.bandcamp.com/album/the-creation-of-adam

If you want the DVD as well to make it a whole collection check it out here: http://www.adamhoek.com/creation-of-adam-dvd/
People who get the DVD also get a bonus! I wont tell you what the bonus is though, but you can read about it on this page.

These videos wont be available via my youtube page youtube. Sign up below and you will get the video chapters through your e-mail. The rest of the world wont even get to see them! and by signing up you get them all for free too! + as a bonus… you get a downloadable MP3 of the first song called ‘Green Eyes’ instantly when you sign up!

Let me just explain what you get when you sign up to my fanclub

1. The whole ‘Creation of Adam’ story video series!
1 a day for 10 days. Its so awesome, its like an advent calender! but instead of stupid little pictures behind a cardboard door you get a piece of an epic story in your inbox to inspire you before you start your day!

2. Instant download access to ‘Green Eyes’ which is the song from Chapter 1. Download it, share it with your friends.
Sing to it in the shower, dance to it on the streets like a crazy person!

3.Video sneek peeks!
See my videos before I post them for the open public. be able to sing along to the song before anyone else has even heard of it…its like our little insider secret! Usually the only people that get this opportunity are my mum and my lady. So consider yourself lucky!

4.An invite to the ‘Community Songs Project’
A place where we work on a song together as a community. You are a part of it. you decide what it should sound like, what the lyrics say, you can even play instruments or do backing vocals for the track! We make a video too and the whole world can see you as a rockstar as part of the Community Songs Band!

5. Instant Download of my ‘Freebies Album’
The ‘Freebies Album’ has 17 tracks and is growing all the time. Its essentially an unlimited amount of free songs!
covers and originals. Some really well mixed tracks, some raw songs where you can even hear the click track! A great insider look into my musical history and future.

If that’s something your into(and it should be) sign up below!

Here is the first video so you can see the quality of what to expect! Please help me get the word out about this project! Please tell your friends, Tweet it, facebook that sukka, make a video responce, Email it, make some smoke signals, write snail mail, sms, expressive dance it to them… I dont care how you do it, but I thank you for helping me out.

Allright, back to doing what I do best. playing video games making music!