The Creation Of Adam DVD is great for those rainy days, get the fire-place going, put on the tea, get a blanket and sit down and relax. Its great entertainment for young and old alike.

Here is chapter 1 already, this is pretty much what you can expect. kinda fun right!

If you have a DVD player in your car, this should keep the kids entertained for a good hour or so! No swearing or foul language, just some of that good old fashion fun. It’s hard to find these days!

For just 10 dollars(AUD) you get a great hour of entertainment. Its cheaper than going to the cinema!

A great gift for anyone really, anyone with a heart that is.

This DVD includes

  • 10 original songs
  • All 1 shot takes, played on an acoustic guitar!
  • A story that weaves the songs together
  • A free copy of ‘Favorite Things’ from the Chocolatier EP!
  • High Rez production photos
  • My musings about the project
  • Glossy printed DVD
  • Single 14MM DVD Case + Bubble Mailer
  • DVD Overwrap + Inside Insert
  • and it comes shrink wrapped too!
This DVD was made possible by my friends over at Please visit their site for all your video shooting needs.
They always have great projects going on, and not just in the music world!