I’ve been very busy over the last month and just want to let you know whats in store for you.
Believe it or not, I’ve been playing 3-5 shows a week and more than likely, you haven’t seen any of them.
Soon I will tell you how you can join my shows. but for now, I’m keeping it hush hush(working out the kinks).

Also I’ve been working with other amazing artists. I’m so excited to let you hear what we have put together for you guys.
And best of all, its all going to be free! that’s right. Free!

I’m not talking about quickly put together songs either but really good high quality audio.

I have also been working on a very special EP, that will allow you to taste the songs. Crazy I know.

We are also working on our second ‘Community Songs Project’ song.
you can check out the first one here: “Who is with me?
These songs can be bought for 1 euro, but the people who sign up for my news letter get it for free!

Anyway back to getting it all done!