Just before I left to return to Holland, Matty came over to rock out with me one last time.
We put together a fun little version of Paolo Nutini’s song – Last Request.

Paolo Nutini Last Request Cover

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Now that I’m back in Holland I am working away at various projects.
Ive got a limited edition album that I will be releasing very soon (there was a hickup with the shipping)
But you can preorder it here www.adamhoek.com/preorder
There are only 100. So make sure to jump on it, because that is all there will be!

I’ve also been working on an EP called ‘Chocolatier’ which has more instruments and backing vocals and such + a surprise!
Ive got a HUGE project that has a little something to do with this little guy and Ive also got my wedding coming up in September!
So I am also busy painting a house, choosing flowers, tasting cakes and all that.

Once things calm down a little I want to do another Community Songs Project, because they are always fun.
The community songs project is for members only or else things just get waaay out of hand. But on the plus side, becoming a member is free just put your email in that little box to the right!

So that’s whats up! Whats up with you?