Well, I guess that’s the end of that then eh?
Being on ‘The Voice Australia’ has been a seriously amazing experience.
I came to Australia with a goal, to entertain you, make you cry(in a good way) and get to know as many of you as I could.
I feel like I met that goal, and am really pleased with what I have accomplished.

Sure, I didn’t win the show. But that doesn’t matter.
All my life I have been a bit of a drifter. Not belonging anywhere. Don’t speak dutch well enough to be dutch, don’t speak aussie enough to be an Aussie. Its been a blessing and a curse really. I like to consider myself a bit of a world citizen. But it gets really lonely sometimes.

But how things have changed!
I’m so glad I took the risk of leaving everything behind to get to know you guys. People have been coming up to me on the streets with smiles on their faces, telling me that Iv’e done a great job and wishing me good luck. Every time I turn on facebook I get chat requests from people and we stay up late in the night just talking away about all sorts of things. I have really enjoyed getting to know you Australia!

So what happens now? I can’t really say. I do look forward to seeing my fiancé again and playing the instruments I left back in Holland. I have been living out of a suitcase for the last 6 months and it has been taking its toll on me. But I’ll tell you something, when people ask me where I want to live. I’ll look them in the eye and say
‘I still call Australia home.’

Thank you for accepting me in to your hearts and TV time. Your the best Australia, this has been an experience I will never forget.

Did you know I have a secret video series that isn’t available to the public? Its about the last 6-7 years of my life. Telling you the stories behind my songs and then playing them all for you! Check it out for free here!

10 thoughts on “A letter to Australia.

  1. Eryn Pearce

    I love your music adam!
    Keep doing what your doing !
    Getting replies from you on twitter and when you replied to my emails was honestly amazing !!!
    You inspired me so damn much and i know it may sound stupid but you honestly changed my life in a massive way and taught me to follow my dreams !!!

  2. Christine Galloway

    I love your music Adam! Stay true to your sound and your soul. It is wonderful!!! Hope you will stay in Australia for a while longer!!
    Best of luck with all future endeavours. It’s my birthday today, and my present to myself?? Is downloading your music on this site!!! Your voice is something special!!! 🙂 xx Christine

  3. Elisabeth

    Loved yr music! Wished ud gone through on
    #thevoice!! Hpe i can follow u on twitter & facebook???
    Congrats on how well u did!!!

  4. Clare

    It was an absolute pleasure to watch you on the show. I watched your version of ‘Use somebody’ on Youtube at least a dozen times. Absolute magic.

  5. Chantel Harry

    Adam, it has been a pleasure to watch and listen to your wonderful music, thank you for coming back to Australia and sharing with us. Let’s hope it isn’t goodbye forever, maybe you and your lovely fiancé might make Australia your home in the future.

    Reading the above letter, I wanted to write this as I feel the reason you may have felt like a ‘drifter’ is because you were away from you true home. Australians have a funny way of making people feel welcome and opening up our hearts and sharing our lives, and I think you must be an Australian and belong here as that describes you right there!

    Please come back and share your music with us… have a safe journey… 🙂

  6. Kerrin L

    Adam you’re voice is amazing. I’m so sad you didn’t make it any further on the show. Such a fine young man who earnt the respect of us Aussies. I wish you all the best for your future. May your music career continue and flourish. Your parents should be very proud of you Adam. You won many hearts here who will follow your career from now on. Good luck always X

  7. BrotherEDEN

    Well, your influence has reached beyond those mentioned borders now. I’m living proof, as I watched your blossoming all the way from Albuquerque, NM. I know THE MUSIC in you will find another way to continue to reach the masses.., just keep writing.., and listening.., and bringing Light and Levity and Love to each new opportunity. Stand tall(er) and BELIEVE that your Gifts will make room for you.

  8. Anne

    Adam, first off sorry that The Voice Australia didn’t work out for you – I hope you continue to try for The Voice of Holland; so you can keep trying but stay close to your fiancee.

    As a Dutchie living in Australia having partially grown up in the UK I really hope that what you said isn’t true; that you don’t speak enough Dutch to be Dutch, or sound Aussie enough to be Aussie. From what I had understood your family is mostly Dutch and so is your fiancee? As a child I adapted to language changes fairly fast, and I had understood you moved between the two as a child. My British English sounded native as did my Dutch – but I moved to Australia as a full-blown adult and I will never sound fully Aussie. I’m not nationalist about any of the countries I have been part of and found some peace in the concept of giving my first loyalty to the country I am in, as the grass is always greener elsewhere anyway. It is easy to be an outsider anywhere.

    I hope you don’t misunderstand a comment I wrote on YouTube somewhere – that I considered it a bit over-elaborate to fly this far for The Voice. I guess that is because I would have never left what I considered home (The Netherlands) if I hadn’t been motivated by love (my fiance is Australian) and never understand migrants who leave their loved ones and homes behind for anything less pressing than love. It is perhaps my own emotional limitation that I don’t understand why anyone would move across the world if they didn’t absolutely have to.

    Wherever you settle you will build a following accordingly because your talent is undeniable. You’ll have an audience that may be small(er) than you wanted but they will love you for your talent, not for any hype. That is worth most.

  9. Pete

    You’ve met your goals so you are a winner.
    You got to sing a duet with Racheal, and held your own while doing so – something that I’m sure has made you the target of envy for many (including me).
    And through it all you showed yourself to be a man of integrity, passion, and humility, not to mention your talent with singing.
    It isn’t the end of that!
    Your journey to entertain, make people cry, and get to know more people through the Voice will continue, just not under the Channel 9 TV studio lights on a stage with 4 red swivel chairs in front of it.

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