Get in mah belleh!


Man, ever since I got married I have just felt heavier!

Just in case you were wondering, I did not actually gain 65 on my honeymoon. I was referring to me being one with another human now.( Never explain a joke Adam…it doesnt make it any better)

So where did we go on the honeymoon?

Well for the nerds out there you might appreciate this image.

Only nerds go to Cern

for the non nerdy out there….Cern is a shooting range and this thing behind me is a rocket filled with sweat and man muscles.

I have been pretty busy since I got back from my honeymoon. Some of it is music related, some not so much.

One perk of being married to Talia is that this thing came with her.

a piano!

Needless to say I have been playing a lot of piano as of late. Most of it is chopsticks and the rugrats theme song but some of it is original as well. Iv’e got 5 new songs written on this bad boy. My skills aren’t really up to scratch yet though, so I am getting the piano parts recorded by my friend Calvin. I used to play music with him when I lived in Melbourne back in the day. So you have them to look forward to…or should I say…listen forward to.

I have also been categorising my songs. Turns out I have 36 finished songs that are just sitting here waiting to be recorded. I have got another 80+ that are unfinished. I am thinking, its time to stop focusing on writing and record these sukkas! Only 1 problem, my electric guitar decided to spaz out on me. so I got myself a new one. Still wondering what I am going to do with the old one. Maybe give it away in a contest…hmmm.

Here is my new baby.

an image that would make you cry if you could see it... its so beautiful ;')

I’m talking about the axe on the left. its a Line-6 JTV-59.

One of the other perks of being married to someone is that now I have someone who can hold up a camera whilst I play effectively creating what we call in the business’ Music videos’ So you have them to look out for as well.

Apart from all that music stuff, I have been setting up a home, painting, sanding, taping, moving furniture, gardening and playing video games when Talia thinks I am working. Its been great so far.



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  1. wil snetselaar

    Congratulations May God bless your union with joy and surprises and may He use you together for His kingdom and your joy.
    love Wil.

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