Facebook Fanpage for Adam Hoek

I have a bunch of songs coming out soon. In fact I have recorded 2 this week. On my to do list is another 18 that I think you all will love but what’s the point of love if you cant share it? That’s why I have been looking at my  Facebook music Fan page.

Facebook is a great platform for independent musicians. I don’t have a label and rely heavily on word of mouth. So every time you like something of mine on the book of faces, I get a little more popular. The hipster inside me says

No Adam, Stay underground! No one should ever hear your music…that’s how it stays cool.

But then I think to myself…wait a sec.

hipsters are the new cool, therefore by being cool, they are no longer cool

So Shut your hipster mouth, brain! What’s the point in music if no one can hear it?  Anyway back to my point

My Adam Hoek Facebook fanpage  used to be horrible. People couldn’t even find it! I don’t know what I was thinking. Too many things going on and no order. If I was a worker bee I would be the one trying to pollinate a rock.

So I sat down and streamlined the experience. I know how much you guys love your Facebook, in fact… I’m surprised you even made it to my site! Did you know that the Internet has over 150 sites! Yeah, Google it. But for some reason everyone just goes back to Facebook. So why not give you want you want, in a form that you already have?! I know, I’m a genius. May I present to you….

Adam Hoek Facebook Music Fan Page

Facebook Fanpage Screenshot

Click it, you know you want to…you addict.

Isn’t it pretty?  The picture of me singing in a cafe is from the I want you back jackson 5 video. Now sure, you could go ahead and click that link and watch it on YouTube like everyone else. But you know you don’t want to! Why don’t you want to? Because YouTube isn’t blue that’s why.  What you really want, is to head back to the comfort of Facebook. The place where all your friends are.  You know… by reading this, you are probably missing out on some serious events that your friends are posting.

OMG look at that disgusting sandwich Danny is eating.

HAHA, Jessica peed in a flowerpot when she was drunk?…oh…classic Jessica.

You want to go back there don’t you? It’s understandable, I want to go too. So let me show you how you can laugh at Jessica in Facebook chat, but also, watch the jackson 5 I want you back video at the same time!

Its simple, since you are already signed in(your an addict and you should seek help) head over to the Adam Hoek Facebook Fan Page click the like button (that’s how kittens are born) then… now this is the big step…. press that awesome looking play button. You can also click the one on this page however be warned. If you click the play button on this page then you wouldn’t click the ‘like’ button on the Facebook page and kittens would become extinct! All because of you.

Adam Hoek Facebook Media Player

It looks like this… this is what awesome looks like.

Now you can watch the videos, and listen to the tracks and tell Jessica your tips for getting even more hammeredsobering up‘,  all from one tab! Isn’t the Internet an amazing place? So what do you think of the look of it? Do you like all those triangles? What else should my fanpage have do you think? Let me know either below…or…you guessed it, on the Facebook page itself.

Oh and for you facebook junkies out there that love clicking ‘like’ buttons… under this post there is a little one just for you. I would love it if you tested it out for me. 😉