As everyone is getting back to work after the holidays I have been spending my time in Australia.
But don’t worry, I’ve been busy as well. Its not all fish and chips and video games.
It is interesting being here, out of my element, away from my fiancee, things and ways to procrastinate.

Its tough but it has helped me become a better person. how?
Well since I am away from so much, its just like a clean slate. I have been out of the rhythm of life for 2 months so I can create a new rhythm for myself. Iv’e started eating better. In fact last week the only liquid I drunk was water. Now when I taste soda, all I taste is sugar. I used to drink a lot of water anyway, but this is just a deeper step.

I brush my teeth 3 times a day! 3 times! I still have to look into whether this is healthy or not though, don’t want to be destroying my tooth enamel. But its good, who does that? After every meal I am brushing my teeth.

Iv’e started working out. I don’t think I am going to look like Arnold any time soon, nor would I want to. But being a little bit more tone and leaner is feeling good… just about as much as it hurts.

I’m still working on my sleep schedule. Iv’e never done that right. Always been up at strange time and asleep at stranger times.

But through all this, I am preparing, preparing for an influx of people who will know my name some day. Iv’e got a video series waiting to be released. I just have to press a button. I’m working on new material for future songs/videos. Iv’e been beefing up my site, more secure, better infer-structure etc.

And Iv’e been training my voice. Pushing those high notes so they sound right and working on my divers-ability.
All this, and not getting paid a dime to do it. Just doing it because I know it has to be done for my dream to become a reality which is making a living from my original music.

Now here is the funny thing, I don’t know if this trip to Australia is going to be a success in terms of being more widely known and being able to make a living from my music. But what I do know, is that I am prepared. Iv’e never been so prepared in my life, for anything! I took ‘drivers theory’ in Holland 7 times.

See luck doesn’t exist. People don’t come out of no where and succeed long term due to this magical word called luck. Luck really is preparation meets opportunity.

So come at me oppertunity. I’m ready.