Ok, time to get my act together.

I’ve been struggling with deciding what I should be writing on this site.

I am working hard at 2 new EPs (5 song cds) and I want to tell you all about them,

but at the same time, I don’t want to give anything away. I feel that these 2 projects

both have something very unique about them, that I’ve never seen done before.

So I cant really go all out and show you everything I’m working on or else someone

will copy the project and release it before I do.  And I dont want to be following the

crowd. I want to be setting the standard. So Over the past 6 months or so I’ve just been

keeping quiet. I couldn’t decide what to show you, so I took the easy way out and told you

nothing at all.


But its time for change, and not because Obama is president, but because I want to let you

in on the secret, that is my life. So I am going to give you tidbits of what I’m working on here.

If you want more in depth info you can become a member over in the side bar and get into that

coveted members section above.

But right now its midnight, and I should get some sleep.


That is part of my plan. Because I’m working for myself, technically it doesn’t matter if I wake up

at 10AM or 3PM because I am the only person I have to answer to. But as part of the new year I

have been getting up at 8AM and getting right to work. because you know what? I have to answer

to myself, and if I’m not hard on myself. No one will be.


Ok I’m going to bed. But I’m just going to leave this here.