Joost Dobbe Interviewed by ADAMHOEK

Joost Dobbe gets intimate and tells us about swimming naked. I myself have never done that before. Seems a bit scary to me. Lets see what he has to say about it shall we? Joost has also been nice enough to hook us up with a free downloadable track from his album ‘Time Will Tell’.

You can get the free track here:
Joost Dobbe – Swim Naked

Also check out this AWESOME music video he made for the track:

So how long have you been playing?

‘I started with playing the guitar at the age of 8. When I was
around the age of twelve I started with singing.’

are you signed?

‘At this moment I’m working with Kletter Recorings on a
new album.’

do you prefer Solo or band?

‘Because of my gigs with Popronde ( I started a new
band with a bass player and a drummer. It’s new and fresh, so on this
moment I prefer band!’

Have you been writing your own music since the begining?

‘Yes, I started writing my own music at the age of 12.’

Why sing in english and not in dutch?

I prefer the english language in songs.

Did you want to be something totally different as a child?

‘I always wanted to be an artist, but as a child I wanted to become a

A cartoonist, that’s awesome.┬áDo you do your own artwork for your CDs?

‘I don’t do the artwork for my CD’s. Sometimes I draw, but when I was a
kid I was always drawing. Now I’m always playing the guitar.’

Where do you get your inspiration for your lyrics?

‘People around me, girls, great music from other artists and… life.’

Which song of yours is your favorite?

‘Hard to say… I like the new single Swim Naked, because of the band
sound and the video at YouTube!

Tell me more about your music video. Did you direct it?

‘Naomi Bais, a friend of mine, directed it. With a couple of more
friends we made the clip in one day! It was awesome.’

Have you gotten it on TV? Is that a difficult process?

‘Not yet… It’s hard to get it on TV. I think you need to have success
first, before it will go on television. Swim Naked isn’t a hit yet…’

Have you ever swam naked? Did you get caught?

‘I don’t remember doing that… I don’t think so. :)’

Do you find it difficult to get your music out there?

‘I love to write and to perform. Sometimes it’s hard to ‘sell’ your
music and to get gigs. I really hope I will meet somebody who wants to
do that for me (gigs and promotion) in the near future…’

Would you say you live more in the real world or in the online world?

‘I prefer to live in the real world, because I love life.’

Whats your favorite icecream flavor?

‘Cinnamon! In Haarlem, the place where I live, you can get the best
cinnamon icecream!’

Anything awesome you got coming up soonish?

‘Check my gigs at and! To watch the
videoclip of Swim Naked, just go to