After I played recently, Eva played everyone out into the night.  It was so nice to have such soothing music at the end of a day to calm people down and relax before they drift into a nice sleep where they dream of rainbows and halcyon birds. So if you struggle from Redbull might be nice to play the video below and read over what she has to say about her soothing music. She also gave you guys a free music download! You can find it at the end of this interview. Its a song called ‘Murder’ from Eva’s EP titled ‘ Halcyon Bird EP’. Do yourself a favour and download it and listen to it on the train. It’s an awesome track

First up…What’s up?

I released my first EP last year called Halcyon Bird EP.  I was just offered a publishing deal with a compnay here in Holland for three tracks on my EP.

What genre would you say your music is?

Indy Rock

Why did you come to Holland?

I came to work for a non-for profit here in the city(Amsterdam).  We are a community of Christians that are learning about our faith and growing in what it means to follow Christ.

Are you planning on staying?

I have been here for 4 years total and I am planning on being here for the next couple years.

Who are your big influencers in music?

Hmmm….always a hard one.  For my EP we really looked to Feist and Emilianna Torrini for the sound.

How long have you been playing?

I have been playing piano since I was 8 years old and started writing songs on the piano when I was 13.  I picked up the guitar when I was 21 and the first song I could play was one that I wrote as I was teaching myself chords.

Do you play mostly with a band or solo?

I have been a solo act for a long time, but I have recently been playing more with a band.  It’s an all women band we call “the Diva’s”.

Do you try to bring a certain message across with your songs?

I hope to bring truth and life through my lyrics. I want people to connect with their own hearts for a minute because that is when change and new life can happen.

Where did you first hear about the Halcyon Bird from your EP title?

My friend Dave mentioned the word “Halcyon” so I looked it up and read about the bird.  I decided it would be the title of the EP, then I wrote the title track “Halcyon Bird”.

Are your songs based on experiences?

Yes, most of them are.  It isn’t direct, but I hope to create the same feeling in the listener as I was going through when I was writing the song.

Do you have any exciting projects coming up?

Other then the publishing deal and the hopes to keep playing shows, I dream of recording a full-length album within a year or so, so keep your ears open!!

What’s your favorite ice cream flavour?

French fries over ice cream unless it is hot outside, then raspberry and chocolate anything!


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