I hope you are having yourselves a merry little Christmas. I sure am for 2 reasons.
1. Its looking like its going to be a white Christmas up in this motha-heezee this year.
2. Because I made a music video for Have yourself a merry little Christmas.

I had no idea I would be making this video last sunday. I set myself a challenge to make a video in 5 days.
I asked you what you wanted on monday(turns out you wanted christmas songs), now its friday and I am here to deliver your Christmas gift.
Thanks to everyone who helped out and sent in their Christmas wishes.

So here it is. Have yourself a merry little Christmas

What do you think?  Download Have yourself a merry little Christmas here.

Special thanks to:
Talia(bassist), Aaron, Jasmine, Matty Chaps, Rachael Leahcar, Sam Ludeman, Paul Smit, Nienke Overmars, Grace Ryan, Mark Den Uil (guitar solo) and Anastasia Yanwu.
Super cool that you were all a part of this at such short notice!
lyrics by Ralph Blane

9 thoughts on “Have yourself a merry little Christmas!

  1. Abbie

    Wow, looks great Adam. I am kicking myself for not adding to that video…grr. Will you make another video with your fans soon?

    1. ADAM HOEK

      You bet. Sign up to my mailing list on the side to hear about when I will be having another fan submission video! + just for joining…you get in on my hidden video series! 😉

  2. Taal

    Wow. I’m impressed with the bass player.. so many emotions on one face 😉
    Love the vid!

  3. Anastasia

    Looks great!!!! Merry Christmas to you and your family as well 🙂

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