I needed to take a break from my big top secret project. I love working on it, but because of its secrecy it means you guys don’t get any fresh music from me. That’s not cool in my books!
So turn your speakers up to ‘ear blistering‘ and check out ‘Away’.
I would love you forever and a day if you felt like sharing it on face book and what not.

I sat down from 9 to 6 and came up with this for you. Didn’t even have lunch. I was just lost in the world of indie rock and roll.
I love recording a track just as I write it, it keeps it fresh and exciting. In fact I started recording it before I even finished writing it!
Its not part of an album or anything, well at least it isn’t yet. Just a straight up track for you to twerk to.

For those interested in a look behind the scenes, I made a video just for you. It covers; how to build a song from scratch, song composition, instrument placement, a little about how FX are used and how (or how not to) write killer face melting guitar solos.
check it out below!