The Creation of Adam Project was really fun to do. Even though it was all written over a 6-7 year span the production of it all happened on 1 day! This whole thing was shot without any re-dos. 1 take per song. That way the songs stayed raw and beautiful.

I thought about bringing a band in to play the extra parts, but I felt for the sake of the story it was more intimate to be just me and a guitar.

I however have been busy recording the second half of this project as an EP called ‘Chocolatier’ with more guitars, piano backing vocals etc. For you lucky people who have bought the DVD I am giving away a sneak peak at my progress on the ‘Favorite Things‘ track(see download below). For you people who somehow snuck onto this hidden page, feel free to download the song as well since your here. If you like it, I would love it if you went over and bought the Creation of Adam Album. Just as your way of saying ‘Thanks’. If you buy the whole album at once, you will get the 10 bonus tracks with the stories behind the songs too!

You can purchase the album here:

Favorite things Chocolatier EP preview player

The Photo Gallery is temporarily down. sorry about that. But the good thing is, if you email me I can send you the files as a temp fix.

For the photos please email me at music(at)adamhoek(dot)com! Sorry for the inconvenience.


I really like to hear the background behind other peoples songs, I find it strange sometimes how people find inspiration and then what kind of creations come out of the creative minds.

The Creation of Adam really just fell together. I didn’t plan on writing songs that joined up so nicely. But boy am I glad it happened. I feel it is a real good look into the chapters of my life that have me the man I am today.
As of writing this, I am preparing to get married. I don’t think there will be much more chasing of girls from me unless they are my future daughters.

A theme you may notice throughout the songs is ‘waiting’. I felt for the longest time that I have just been waiting. Waiting for school, waiting for other people, waiting for life. I am not a fan of waiting. Ive done enough of it. I have recently been in the preparation stage of my life. Pulling all the ropes to make my sail catch wind. Its coming together now. I’m really excited to see where this ship takes me.

I am looking forward to my upcoming musical/life adventures. In stead of chasing love, I can write about being in love, and in the future even write about the end of life(not looking forward to that part).

Thank you for listening to my story I really hope you enjoyed listening to it as much as I enjoyed living it.

Click the links below to view the lyrics of the songs.

Green Eyes
Silver Screen
I met a Girl
Lost Track
Favorite Things
It’s Nice
The Longest Dutch Word

I want to say thank you to everyone who helped make this possible. Benny and Rik from puur-media really did a great job. It was fast clean and professional. If you are looking to record some video go to those guys!

Thank you to my sister Jazz for helping out even though you had very little sleep. and thank you to Sascha for taking those lovely pictures! You all did a great job, and I felt very happy that you were all willing to help me.